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Welcome to Wight Care Clinic

We treat your emotional / behavioral / psychiatric needs with emphasis on compassion, care and professionalism.

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You will receive the highest quality of psychiatric care, with all patients treated with complete integrity and confidentiality. This involves medication management, psychotherapy, and assistance accessing other aspects of care, including rTMS, ECT and Spravato therapy, if needed.

We prioritize patients’ needs with schedule flexibility, short wait times for appointments and fast response time to patient questions, requests and communications. Excellent service and quality of care at every appointment, follow-up appointments, unexpected emergencies and requests for various forms needed for work/personal needs, are our top priority.

Wight Care Clinic is available for telepsychiatry appointments, at this time subject to change. This is via secure telecommunications through a secure platform.

Call 815-381-0900 for more information.

Wight Care Clinic is available for telepsychiatry appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic

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